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ah i pricked my thumb with my poppy!


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bad news .. the channel no longer exist.. people wouldnt join. :( .. but it was good ' date='wasn't it?[/quote']


:stunned: :stunned: :stunned: :stunned: :stunned: :stunned: :stunned: :stunned: :stunned: :stunned: :stunned: :stunned: :stunned: :stunned: :stunned: :stunned: :stunned: :stunned: :stunned: :stunned: :stunned: :stunned: :stunned: :stunned: :stunned: :stunned: :stunned: :stunned: :stunned: :stunned: :stunned: :stunned: :stunned: :stunned: :stunned: :stunned:


:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:


i still need to get files from thom though! lot's of them!

noooooooooooo! :cry:

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oooh blood.


*wipes thumb*


all better. :P



greeat now i have 3 slits on the same thumb. :rolleyes:


:/ Man that sucks, just put a plaster on it and it'll b allllllllllllllllllllllrite :D . Hey , arent they supposed to be makin poppies without the pins now? I heard that loadsa peeps were suing coz they got pricked :lol: :stunned:

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a poppy is a flower. and on this day we wear one to remember the soldiers that died in the wars.

because on the graves of the soldiers poppies grew...


yeah i'm pretty sure it's something like that.



ahh needles aren't that bad! :P


i'm getting my flu shot soon. hurray. :rolleyes:

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