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I really love the albums 'Moseley shoals' and 'Marchin' already'. I think they're great, although I've not heard their last albums because their songs seems so similar to me...

But I like them and they're very friendly... :D

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yay more O.C.S fans!! I went to see them in September and they were brilliant although Steve and Simon were out of their heads!! :rolleyes: But after I got to talk to Damon for a bit because I saw my old friends sister and she had met them all the night before but I won't go into much details on that!!! :rolleyes: :dozey:

my favourite songs are robin hood, better day, lining your pockets and july-such a funky song!!! :P ;)

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Saw them last night, apart from a problem with the support act pulling out in the last few hours due to sickness, the band were fantastic, no special effects behind the band with lights, nothing fancy on stage, just the band who played without any flashing lights.


I didn't know some of the new songs, but the old songs got a good sing-song going.

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