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Which collection is larger ~ your online or offline music?


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umm..yeah...I know how you feel on that subject...you feel let down! I've had that happen to me a *lot* recently...but some friends tell me that I should just have little or no expectations from people/things....then, when they do say something or compliment you or whatever, then you would feel good, rather than always feeling bad for someone not having paid attention....and now I think I'm rambling on! lmao sorry, didn't mean to do that!

i posted a new topic/thread on here...my first one....and thought it would get a good response...but not really...atleast not yet...hehe. but i try not to have such expectations nowadays...


about the part where I've changed my mind on some issue,...in those cases...I actually feel pretty embarrassed of myself for having aired views that are obviously now contarary to the actual truth of the matter! hehe So it's great that you air your changed mindset too...


anways, i gotta go home!

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Well, I feel much more compelled to post my opinion about something such as Rhapsody now that I've actually tried it for myself and found it to actually be something worth recommending. Which makes it even more irritating when people don't listen or assume they wouldn't like it even though they haven't tried it yet themselves!

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I have never bought a CD they are either gifts or burned. I have aprox. 500 songs online but I download songs that I either can't find or they don't make on a cd. Unless I'm just too lazy. I have a fast connection so if I have the CD but I'm too lazy to go get it at the moment then I just download the song. I don't like the riaa...

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At the office where I work we use Rhapsody (http://www.bestbuy.com/rhapsody), which is much easier (and cheap at $10 a month ~ we share it, so it's split up between six people).


Yah, usually people don't write very long posts on here. Sometimes if the topic is interesting enough people will write a bit more...but yah it isn't common. I know what you mean about writing something and sometimes people not responding to it... It happens, but keep trying cause someone may eventually respond. Like me.


Anyways what I wanted to say was that I just got an e-mail about Rhapsody saying that it will be free to use for a limited time. I've never used it. Does that mean you can download anything in that limited time for free? I've browsed through itunes, but can't say that I've bought anything from it yet.



Funny thing is, people complain about supporting the artist, but nobody has ever complained about buying used CDs from used music stores and the only people who see a red cent from a used CD sale is the store. Neither the artist nor the label gets anything.


Second, it's funny that you said this cause I was thinking about this the other day. I wondered why the buisinesses that sold used CDs never got into trouble. They are re-selling the material and getting money off it. And as you said the musicians don't get any money for it. It's kind of interesting. I mean I did used to buy some used CDs for the fact that they were a lot cheaper...cause prices for CDs were relatively high, especially if you want to buy a lot of them. But, even used Cds are more expensive nowadays.


I'm gonna have to notify myself of this post or else I'll probably forget about it. :lol:

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