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I'm so scared :(


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is there anyone who can go with you? Just go home with you and stay for a while until you feel better


no, everyone is busy, I think I'll hang out at my aunt's house if I feel scared or something, she lives like 10 minutes away


D: this is terrible :/ I'm sorry, I hope you stay safe. is there anything you could do? like having someone (like a policeman) guarding the building?


not really, but my neighbor is a policeman so maybe he'll give us some ideas. Still the guy entered to his house yesterday :s


This is so weird

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Oh Lore, how terrible. I understand why you are scared - I would be too in your case.


It is good that your aunt is living only 10 minutes away from where you live so that you can go there.


It is also good that your neighbour is a policeman (even though it did not prevent someone to break into his house).


I hope that the police will soon catch this thief so that you can feel safe again. I will cross my fingers. :hug:

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