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Hello guys! ^_^


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Pleased to make your acquaintance, my nick is ShiroiKarasu. :cool:


Somebody here would expect that I'm from Japan, by reading my nick. No, actually I'm from Italy, and I love to learn new languages...especially japanese, because Japan is my fav country, for its lovable and attractive culture, for people's manners, for shops and life style. :rolleyes: Well, whatever, I used to become a Coldplay's fan since my girlfriend made me know them a lot better than before. We will go to their concert here in Italy in 9th of this month (Heineken Jammin Festival 2011, for the precision) and we can't wait for it anymore! So, I hope I will make new friends here and discuss about everything that concerns this magical band and, of course, many and many other stuff. <3


P.S.: Long live the new single: Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall! It made me cry real tears the first time I listened it. A waterfall of joy!

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