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Hello, everyone =)


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I'm ALSO a Coldplay fan (#1 band in the woooooooooooorld!!!). I was born and currently live in the US, but I was raised in Brazil, and there's where I discovered Coldplay (once, in the radio, it was playing "Clocks" and I was like "THIS IS REALLY GOOD" p.s.: I was really, really young, like it was in 2001, I think) and fell in love with it (:


I hope to find more people crazy about Coldplay like me, since in my school people are more into rap and stuff (nothing wrong with rap, sure, but I wish I knew more people that liked indie rock... D:).


Au revoir!

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Weeelcome crfcaio...


i like colplay very much too, before i was fan but i'm not fan of any band now.

However coldplay is the best band on the world for me and i like them very much, because more reasons than just music.

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