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Stop Rupert Murdoch Petition

Guest howyousawtheworld

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Guest howyousawtheworld

Rupert Murdoch's empire is now under investigation by the police. But at the same time, he’s getting ready to take even more control of our media. This week, Murdoch’s expecting to get the green light from David Cameron’s government for his takeover of BSkyB.


The government wants to approve Murdoch’s BSkyB takeover. They say that Murdoch promises to respect media independence, so there's nothing to fear from giving him even more control.They want us to trust Rupert Murdoch!


We’ve got until noon on Friday to prove to the government that the public want to put the brakes on Murdoch’s power grab. We'll deliver our petition to demand no BSkyB deal goes ahead based on Murdoch's promises – on Friday.


Please sign the petition to add your name and build the pressure for Murdoch's BSkyB takeover to be halted.




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Guest howyousawtheworld
Well done it seems you have achived this :smug:


Indeed! Delighted. I have no doubt that public opinion really helped destroy this bid. A great success! Shouldn't stop here though. Should really continue pushing so that Murdoch's hands are once and for all kept away from Westminster and British politics in general for ever.

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