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how boring can history be?


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seriously! my history project is so boring! look at it!


Sir John A. Macdonald was Canada’s first Prime Minister and the most important father of confederation.





Sir John A. Macdonald was born in Glasgow, Scotland on January 11, 1815. In 1820 he came to Canada with his parents when he was only 5 years old.

He began studying law when he was 15. When he was 19 he started his own office. When he was 29 he was elected to the Legislative Assembly. In 857, he was Premier of Upper Canada. He was the Receiver General for Canada from 1847-1848.

Macdonald was voted Receiver General for the Conservative party in 1847, that didn’t even last a year before blah blah blah.


it just goes on and on and on!

it is the most boring class ever with this teacher! all we do is take notes and read. then we get a test. and a project. argh! :angry:

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hey i love canadian history' date=' but after the confederation, i have a medieval history course i'm doing right now, and my project was on absolutism and Louis the XIV, it was interesting, but i like reading about witchccraft and the salem witch trials.. anyone else?!?![/quote']


medieval history is better than confederation!

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I love history, though I hate the teacher and I've spend, since they change the teacher, most of the classes aoutside, punished for somenthing..... Still I think Canadian history it's interesting.......... I mean all history it's interesting, except the United States history ! :rolleyes: :lol:

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lemme spice it up for ya. heh heh


should have[/i]]

Sir John A. McDonald was born in Sector 5, of the Galactic confederation on January 1, 1815. In 1820 he fleed to Canada after narrowly escaping from his captors. Armed with only a rail gun and his 5 year old mind he journeyed inward. With his parents slaughtered, he began studying the art of Hiten Mitsurugi, when he was 15 in order to avange his parents. When he was 19 he started his own clan. When he was 29 he was ready to destroy those that had killed his loved ones. In 1857, he made his move; with an army of 7000 he charged into a fierce battle. He was utterly injured with his right arm taken off and replaced with a bionic one from 1847-1848.

Mcdonald was voted Emperor of the Conservative party in 1847, that didn’t even last a year before he was assasinated. His legacy shall continue....


Wow, now turn in a paper with those facts and you'll get AT LEASt an A.

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enough people????? Empty minds is not exactly enough people. You have a big number, but small heads. I'm going there just because the Boarding School it's there, and my first choice was Britain, but It didn't worked............. so I'll have to confort myself with this!

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