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they dictate your relationships?


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My friend girl italian is kind but want me to meet a man that has his barbecue Party Saturday in his house. I'll have to go there just to please my friend .



I am not alone by here ?


have friends, family tells you. your relationship private ?


you may find a girlfriend or boyfriend ?


you find it ennoy ?




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my school friend always wanted to find me a boyfriend while i was at high school, she is the type of person of having always a boyfriend and so want the people around be in the same situation, (she is getting married in a month).


i don't care much what my family or friends say about, i'll turn 25 soon, so why do they should care about now?


enjoy the BBQ lory. :) think you'll make friends there :D

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Thanks :-)

that's exactly the same for me.




My friend have a bf and prefer to leave with her boyfriend. and all his friends have too bfs .

I never see my friend because I am alone .


and now my friend wants me to meet a man who likes to have fun in life and partying. laugh. research a stable girl, kind .

the worst is that my friend (in a casual conversation) she told me that he was born one September 21. Strange :thinking:

and my sweetness imaginary is too born one September 21



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so I'm not alone and you're lucky now you friends not annoy you more ;)



Me , I have no official boyfriend and it's always the war. my mother want that I find a boyfriend. she worries so much that I stay alone in life . yes I have a sister who do not really think to me. have a strong caracter authoritarian too and not much empathy. She takes the character of her German husband lol


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