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your Course ?


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there are many students here.


I suppose there are many courses that did not help you, to find a normal job. I imagine how many students not find work .


I will have to one month courses of competence acquired. then seek a job as a cleaner or , or factory worker.

or I know I'm not apt, the best for this jobs. need Dynamics must be and I'm not.

animation after-school, education, psychology or babysitting. artist of arts. (I will not live on art unless you are famous and rich)


I always think that people in my life, the institutions of the state make me lose time. but we must adapt to the democratic system of bad becoming the fastest robots in the service of bosses. place in our human capital is no much desired in the world of work, there is too much unemployment and the crisis.



better you choose if you have the choice, choose the courses depending on your EQ not QI because is not used so much in life and success of your lives .

unless you want to be in politics to lead or teacher.



exemple for me not need to make over how to make a perfect resume CV to go clean the offices of bosses or worker in factory.


so my life by the people made a perfect joke of my life not be serious.

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