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The Oracle - "PoC is not as good live"

Don't Shiver

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Q. Hey Oracle!

Just heard Paradise. ITS AMAZING!! Love it! But after, I saw news that Rihanna was going to be featured in Princess of China?? I heard the original via YouTube, and I LOVE IT AS IS. Is Rihanna going to be featured?

Thanks! Lots of fangirl love!



The Oracle replies:


I've had a lot of mail about this since the news broke. The first time I heard POC it was just an instrumental. The second time I heard it Chris & Rihanna's vocals had been added. I have to say it sounds amazing.

I then heard the band perform it live. I liked it a lot, but not quite as much. For me it was wise to drop it from the set because it simply didn't sound the same without Rihanna. It was written with her in mind so it makes perfect sense. When you hear it, you will see and hopefully agree.





What are they doing. :o


How can a live version be less good than a studio version? I mean, a live version portrays the band's raw emotion; how they feel it should be played. It gives the audience a chance to connect to a band in the purest form.


I wish they used Florence or Delilah (from Chase and Status) to do the vocals; a soaring and piercing voice would suit Coldplay's style so much more.


I hope they haven't fucked this up and gone too pop-y.

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