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Haha - the things these people come up with


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I'm not suggesting even for one minute this is true, I just thought I'd post it because it's funny :lol:






Singer JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE has developed such a close friendship with COLDPLAY frontman CHRIS MARTIN, pals are convinced he'll ask the YELLOW star to "be an usher or sing" when he marries movie babe CAMERON DIAZ.


Although no formal plans have been made for the upcoming nuptials, the celebrity pair are rumoured to wed on Valentine's Day next year (14FEB04), and Timberlake is eager for Martin to play a pivotal role in the ceremony.


The CRY ME A RIVER hunk has regularly promoted Martin's band while the Coldplay star has returned the compliment by covering the 'N SYNC singer's hits on tour.


A friend tells Britain's OK! magazine, "Justin and Cameron have been talking about getting hitched and, although they haven't made any definite plans yet, they have discussed who they would like to be involved in the preparations of the wedding and those who they want to play a special role.


"Justin and Chris are surprisingly close and we wouldn't be surprised if Justin asks Chris to be an usher or to sing a special song at his wedding."

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I know' date=' they are spotted having one drink together and suddenly they're blood brothers![/quote']


hurray for orange juice. :smug:


haha yeah i don't belive that.


i like how Daner put it. :P


hey what do ya know? it's not an article from the sun! that's a surprise! :P

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