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Thom Yorke

Whilst his older vocal style is also particularly breathtaking, the style he has taken on in recent years has made my jaw drop. I love the way that he deliberately pushes his vocals further than they can go - I find that it gives a more emotional sound to his songs. I've tried to bring his unique vocal style to my singing with limited success, and I would kill to be able to do it exactly like him.


Liam Gallagher

I find it to be a true wonder how he can make it seem like he puts no effort into it whatsoever, and yet he makes it sound so genuinely superb. The ultimate rock vocalist and front man, in my view.





Noel Gallagher

While he's not exactly the best guitarist in the world, the whole reason why I picked up the guitar is because of this man. My style is almost exact to his.


Peter Hayes

Not a very technical player at all, but dear God that sound is so wonderful.


Jonny Greenwood

I sometimes incorporate some of his erratic and aggressive technique into my playing.





Robert Turner

A unique, wonderful hollow distorted bass, which is also reflected in my bass playing.





Keith Moon

Alright, I'm nowhere near as good, but if I could play like anyone, it would be him.

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