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how come when you're in water for a while...


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ok so this is what goes down........


since there is a lesser concentration of salt in the water as there is in your hands, the salt in your hands moves from inside your cells and mixes with the water molecules. that is why it appears that your hands shrivle.....it isn't because ur hands absorbe that water........


well at least thats what i think happens.....unless my biology teacher mr. Ross is wrong :/

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aye thats what i was taught to


due to concentration differences between the salts in the skin (sweat) and salts in the water, the salt from your body leaves due to osmosis, and tries to balance the amount of salt in body and water....i think this is why Epsom Salt baths are good for you, because the salt concentration in the water is higher so you dont wrinkle as much...anyone wanna try it?

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and they take forever to decide what they want in supermarkets and piss everyone else off by blocking up aisles...


You're 80 fucking years old, you've bought the same foods for at least 40 years, you KNOW what's in stuff, just frickin' BUY IT!!!!


*rant over*

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I read the title of the thread and I thought the line would be...


Howcome when you're in the water for a while, your "you know what" shrivels up...




There was like an entire episode of "Seinfeld" on just this topic, with George's twig shriveling up after a swim, and he's changing clothes and his girlfriend's friend walks in on him, sees his manhood and it being all small and shrivelled up, gives out a smirk/laugh and walks away! :lol: and George is like....wwaaitttt!!! it's not me!! it's the water!!! lmao :D :P

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