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[18-Dec-2011] Coldplay @ Sportpaleis, Antwerp, Belgium

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Btw, for those who were there with the xylobands: please tell me I wasn't the only one who heard 'twinkle little star' at the soundcheck? It sounded like a pre-recorded tape to me, but according to Roadie 42 it was someone's daughter from the band (probably Will's)

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-I'm also pretty sure, one or more of the guys had family with them tonight. Tomorrow they have a day off so it would make sense. Just before the start some people (7-8 in total) arrived from the backstage with 3 kids (2 youngest were in arms and the oldest (a blond girl) was by foot and they were wearing big colored ear-protections). Security brought them to reserved seats. I'm absolutely not interested in people so I can't say if Gwyneth was there ;-) (but there was a tall blond woman). Kids were between 3 and 7 years old more or less, (at least 2 girls, within a blond,...)

-Just before the encore, the oldest girl went to the curtained room behind the stage to wait and meet his dad! So cute! The 2 youngest left during the encore. They were asleep in the arms of some adults :-)



There’s plenty of the extended Coldplay gang around though, in the shape of the Champion family. They’re here for a couple of shows to see their dad at work and it’s a suitably wonderful sight to see. I have to say that the family vibe seems to have made touring an awful lot more civilised - or maybe we’ve all grown up a little bit, I’m not sure.

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Coldplay @ Sportpaleis Antwerpen 2011[/url]


thanks for the pics!




Thanks Ian, some really nice pictures!


But I'm sure Will and Guy were there too when I was there. Apparently I was mistaken. :P


and yes, I remember I saw Will and Guy too but maybe I was dreaming... ;)

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