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Coldplay - Q Awards 2011 WINNERS - Best Act In The World (24th Oct 2011, London) // PHOTOS IN FIRST


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Coldplay at the 2011 Q Awards


They look quite uncomfortable, imo. Jonny keeps looking arround, like he's seaching for someone (Chris, maybe?;))

But I havent seen Guy that "chatty" lately.... Probably cause he didnt had a choice this time:P

I've got this theory that he's in better spirits during morning events. Kroq, Today, now Q. Well, he is an early birdy, so...

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October 25, 2011 - submitted by Rebecca, Japan


Q. Dear Oracle,

Could you please tell us why was Will absent from the Q Awards ceremony?



The Oracle replies:


As you probably know by now, Coldplay were named Best Act In The World Today in the public vote (thank you!) and all but Will attended the Awards ceremony in London yesterday (24th October).


Will had a day off with the family before they reconvened to continue with press & promo duties. It's not the first time the whole band haven't attended as the Q Awards always seem to be when the band are at their busiest. I remember Guy didn't go back in 2002 when they had a show at Wembley Arena later than night.


Here's a clip of Jonny & talkative Guy at yesterday's

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