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Coldplay - Q Awards 2011 WINNERS - Best Act In The World (24th Oct 2011, London) // PHOTOS IN FIRST


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Will :(



Hahahaha, this is hilarious!! Guy looks like one of those girls who practise their pout in front of the mirror for hours in order the achieve the perfect level of photo-sluttiness :lol: :lol: :lol:


My thought exactly. :D


And congrats Coldplay! :D



Coldplay's message for Christian O'Connell - YouTube[/url]

From Absolute Radio

He looks so tired. He's got massive bags under his eyes.

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^ It bums me out a little when articles do that, mixing up band members' names and faces. :disappointed:


have you noticed that something is shining in his mouth?


Does Chris have a gold tooth or summat? It's shining in that video...


Looks like he does! You can see it glint very quickly in this gif.





ETA: Or a filling, as Mimixxx said. :nod:

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