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Peter Pan


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Did anyone see the commercial for the new Peter pan movie with live actors? They play clocks in it. I kind of like that but it makes me mad at the same time because I don't think they are deserving of such a great song. I do like hearing it though.

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I saw the trailer the last time I went to the cinema and I was so happy when I heard clocks but there were just way too many toes being shown for me to look!!! that films gonna be like a horror for me!......................ok I know I'm slightly weird :rolleyes:

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i heard it in the theatre. :) i was with my friends and right when it came on they looked at me meaning, "it's coldplay!"

it scared me when 6 other people all suddenly turn to face you. :P

i was like "wooaah"


lol; yeah that is scary! It's even scarier when the people that rurn to look at you are total strangers. Althought that usually doesn't happen unless you're screaming, which I usually do when I see coldplay...

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