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Volume change in iTunes download


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Didn't know where else to put it but here. This morning I downloaded Mylo Xyloto from the iTunes store, uploaded it to my iPod and started listening. When I got to the transistion M.M.I.X. --> ETIAW the volume of the sound changed. Instead of a perfect transition, like Mylo Xyloto --> Hurts Like Heaven, the volume level dropped and stayed that way the entire song. When I got to Major Minus the volume was back at the level of the previous tracks. This wasn't just this one time, I tried it several times with my headphones and later also in my iPod dock. When I listen to the transition in iTunes on my Mac, the volume is as it should be.


Does anyone know what this could be? It must be something with my iPod, right?

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Never mind, I think I found it. Apparently the 'sound check' option was turned on. When I switched it off it had the same volume.


This works. Quite a few people have been having the same problem, particularly between AHT and DLIBYH. Sound check is designed to make all the songs in your library have the same volume so you don't suddenly get a random loud song in the middle of a shuffle. DLIBYH appears quieter than AHT because the drums are quite loud so it reduces the drums (and therefore everything else) to the same volume as AHT.

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Guest howyousawtheworld

Now this IS handy! Found I've had the exact same problem and silly me was ready to pour scourn over such careless production!


Thank you so much!

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