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Phrases I Wish Would Go Away


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"The leaked version doesn't sound as good as the 'real' version."


"(insert song) doesn't sound as good as the live version."


"I think the end of U.F.O. is a hidden track, which will be a full length song on the EP that will include Car Kids."


That is all. Feel free to add to this list please.

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I just think its funny that we are judging the actual album based on some live gigs they played over the summer, as if they should have scrapped the mixed version of the album (aka what the live versions are based off of) in favor of a completely live version of Mylo Xyloto. It's not like all of their previous songs sounded exactly the same on the album as when they ended up playing them live.

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I want the old coldplay back ---- I hear this from EVERY coldplay fan i know, i wish they would just give it a rest. As much as i would love another scientist or fix you, I dont mind this new look coldplay. Tbh, I dont mind anything coldplay does, They rock!

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