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Mylo Xylotour ~ Patches ~ *NEW PATCHES*


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I think £6 for a patch you can probably get nowhere else, is a FAIR price. I'm not saying it's overpriced or anything. It's just that in order to buy £18 GBP, I need to pay 95 PLN. It's a lot of money and I'm poor :D Although I'll do my best to get these patches.

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Major Minus has already been made along with the Rings one... by Hayachris.....


Also I had the rings patch made... and im making some MX era T-shirts...








What type of clothing do u have? anything similar to chris Jacket..?


Hasan i will buy some from you... if u can make it cost effective with S+H to north america.


im interested in buying the two ringed patched, the on this picture and the one you designed. i live in canada and im want to purchase these patches, how though? :\

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How much are all of them to Germany?


All of them? Including the circular patches?

I havent made the CK / MMM / MX patches yet

Just got the Red & Blue swirls, and the Rings patch.


If I do get the others:


Rings: £14

Blue Swirl: £12

Red Swirl: £12

MMM Blue: £11

MMM Pink: £11

MX Pink: £11

CK Orange: £13

CK Red: £13


signed Shipping: £9


Payment with PayPal

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