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Hitchhiking through Ohio

Matter-Eater Lad

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So I'm going to New York by myself for a few days. Staying at random people's apartments. Then I'm taking the train to Bryan Ohio at the north end of the state. It's about 180 miles from the family farm, so I'm going to have to hitchhike into town and surprise my family. Then go hunting for a few days. After that I'm not sure if I'll have enough money to take the train all the way back to Orlando, so I might have to take it to South Carolina and hitch home.


I'm thinking of taking out a life insurance policy to make my family happy since my parents are on the hook for a few thousand in student loans. For 15 a month I can get insured for 50,000. Should I?

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When I read stuff you post on tumblr and here I always am reminded of things from Into the Wild for some reason.

Anyways...that sounds like a really cool plan. Also, you writing a book is really interesting as well. I wish you luck. Life insurance for that cost sounds smart, I think.


Thanks Karen. :)


lol half of my inspiration foolishly comes from books and movies such as Into The Wild.

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lol I'm sure that's a safe place to hike!

lol don't knock it, downtown is actually really cool! I was just down there last Friday for a concert. Went there for Monday Night Football earlier this season. Electronic Music Festival on the riverfront during the summer. Really, downtown is great. Oh yeah, and this summer we'll have Grand Prix racing on Belle Isle (little island on the Detroit river).

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