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Hey guys ! (:


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Hello there! Justt wanted to introduce myself. Im a 14 year old teen, and I live in the United States. Ive been a Coldplay fan for sooo long! ( Guy berryman.. <3 ) I love them, their my inspiration, an theyre music just makes me feel so happy.:D Im kind of sad though, because my friends dont like Coldplay. :( So im glad i found this place so i could share my love for Coldplay with you guys!


Anyway, just kinda wanted to introduce myself!


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Hey, welcome :D

I kind of feel the same, most of friends don't really like Coldplay, they don't hate it, but they say "it's sad", "it's always the same" (I so wanna punch them when they say that...), ANYWAY

you'll see here's the perfect place to share your love (if you love Guy so much, I recommend you to go to the "Post piccies of the sexy Mr Berryman" thread :D )

Enjoy !

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I don't care if my friends like Coldplay, because I listen to them for myself. But I am glad that some of them like Coldplay and have seen them live, and we can talk about them.


I recommend that you talk to people around you about the kind of music they like with an open mind, and ask them what their favorite bands or songs are, write them down and get the spelling right, and look it up on Youtube. If you do this you will find out there are lots of Coldplay fans out there that you didn't know about, and your music knowledge will increase. I do this a lot when I meet people from other countries or cities.



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Hello and welcome to Coldplaying! Same here...most of my friends don't like Coldplay. They say things like "they're corny" or "they're too pensive." But it doesn't stop Coldplay from being my very most favorite band in the world!! :) I am absolutely OBSESSED with Coldplay. I make CP tee shirts, posters, play their music on my guitar and keyboard, and not a single day goes by without me listening to them! :D Anyhow, I joined this fansite because I wanted to not feel so alone in my love for Coldplay, and even though it's only been a couple of weeks I've been a member of Coldplaying, this site has already proved to be the best fansite I've EVER seen. There are SO many awesomely dedicated fans...I can promise you'll never feel alone in your love of Coldplay ever again! Oh, and one more thing, I've just gotta applaud you for having such great taste in music for loving Coldplay!! ;) :D

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