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Hi Coldplayers! I'm new and glad to be here...


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My name is Hannah :) I am super excited to be a part of Coldplaying!


I've always liked Coldplay. When I was little my dad would play A Rush of Blood to the Head in the car, and I remember Politik and In My Place quite specifically. As I got older though Coldplay took a backseat to the mainstream poppy stuff that was catchy yet not very pretty or captivating. Still, it was what was popular and I listened just to be accepted I suppose.


This year has been rough for me. My parents formally divorced and my father moved out. My grandmother has been suffering from severe Alheimer's and dementia and no longer remembers who I am. My friends were growing distant as I matured yet they stayed the same. Needless to say I was rather depressed and things didn't seem to be getting any better.


Something changed though on the day of the Madrid broadcast. I came home from school in a totally teary mood and didn't want to go or do anything. I vaguely remembed about the broadcast from an ad in the New York Times and caught the beginning of a replay. Needless to say I was captivated. Their energy, their happiness...the music was beautiful and just made me so much happier. I watched the whole thing then claimed my preorder of Mylo Xyloto from iTunes. For a solid two months MX and Coldplay in general were the only things I could listen to.


And an addict was born...


Other than my unhealthy Coldplay addiction (29 albums/EPs and 126 songs ) I enjoy singing, playing the piano, and participating in my school's drama club. Other artists I like are Apparatjik, Elbow, Florence and the Machine, Vampire Weekend, Matt & Kim, Oh Land, and Foster the People.


I got the MX popup album for Christmas as well as tickets to their August 3rd show at the Izod center! I thought here would be a good place to prepare for that awesomeness to come... ;)


Hannah :)

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