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Hello from PHX!


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Hello! My name is Mela, and I'm from Phoenix. I've been a fan ever since I first heard 'Yellow' on the radio here in the States and I'm proud to still be a fan!


I'm a theatre major, so I love to act and sing and become lost in a character. My minor is philosophy, which I suggest everyone studies a bit of. It's so revealing and it makes you a better person :)


Here's a photo of my stupid face, this is what I look like:



And here's one where I'm not such a clown:



Those photos are from right after my stage makeup class. I had an art makeup project, and if you can't already tell, my makeup is Mylo Xyloto inspired! :D


Hmm, some more about me and my Coldplay enthusiasm... my favourite album is VLV, choice song is Swallowed in the Sea, and I fancy Chris the most because he's riotously funny, although I'm not picky-- they're all gorgeous.


Anyone going to Portland 24 April or Seattle 25 April? I'd love to meet more people who have a major passion for the band.

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