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Complete transformation of my feelings toward Paradise


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It's an amazing song. I didn't like it at first either, but since hearing it live I've come to love it.


I honestly think it's one of the best they've ever done. I think it's innovative as hell too. The strings are beautiful, the piano riff is catchy, the guitar solo is fierce and the hip hop bass/drum line took a lot of skill to implement into a pop rock song.


The only thing I don't particularly love about it is the lyrics. But having said that the lyrics certainly do their job and progress the concept of the album.


Great song that isn't very well liked on here. Mostly because a lot of the people on here only accept acoustic Coldplay. Which is fair enough.

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Happy to read this and I agree. It's like nothing they've ever done.

If I would hear this song without knowing Coldplay, I would not be able to categorize it. It's a combination of at least three 'genres' and with that I think they made a statement in music.

Charlie Brown for example, is a great, great song, but not nearly as inventive. IMHO. Even 'para-para' - people may not like it, but it's definitely something new. Props.



(Edit: realised this is way too huge so put rest in spoiler.)



I fell in love with Paradise as soon as it came out, but for a long time there was a voice in my head going "the lyrics suck they've gone pop there's too much ooohoooh-ing" etc. I've banned that voice now and am able to fully surrender to that sexy beat. And I'mstill in love despite it being massively over played on radio.

Plus, the lyrics I can relate to as I'm obsessed with life and things not going the way you want and 'escaping' in music.


The only thing that's not great is that I enjoy the verses a lot more than the choruses. For me the best moment is when the second verse kicks in, while I prefer having the climax more towards the end. (Make of that whatever you want.)


And, I think they should quit using ooohooh. It worked brilliantly for Viva, but they're never going to top that and it's almost like they're making fun of themselves now.




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I originally despised this song

This song is just genius on so many levels

I now see the light


I wonder which mothafucka doesn't have the cojones to confess this using his regular profile and instead resorts to using a 7 year old alias. :thinking:


loljk... kinda.

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