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  1. Still needs more prominent electric guitar to totally win me over but this is the best thing they've put out since Prospekt's March, definitely. Sounds more like the acoustic direction they were supposedly taking before those sessions turned into Mylo Xyloto. No idea why they put BrokEn inbetween Trouble In Town and Daddy, breaking up the 'heartbeat' transition. Seems like there were some last-minute sequencing decisions on this one. Great to hear so much more emphasis on Guy's parts. Still think Everyday Life needs more of an outro to not feel like an anti-climax, Champion Of The World isn
  2. ^^This :/ B-sides wouldn't hurt, either... more like 'Moving To Mars' and 'Ghost Story'.
  3. The main thing I want to know is whether it has more guitars overall than MX/Ghost Stories, or less. Really feels like Jonny is barely there for more than the occasional flourish on some of these songs.
  4. I know it's a pipe dream, but let's have a b-side for the love of all that is good.
  5. What I want for LP7 is more guitars. That's what's been missing from their recent output. I don't expect AROBTTH 2.0 or anything, but right now the 'innovative' thing would be turning back to rock music, not co-writing with Avicii and using an entire track by Jon Hopkins and passing it off as their own. The GS bonus tracks prove they're able to mix old and new styles perfectly well. Plus more b-sides. Look at the reactions to Moving To Mars & Ghost Story. [video=youtube;Q0mdwB2gv7Y]
  6. Both have a significant decrease in the quality of the lyrics. Survival most notably. In the interest of balance I'll agree that both have very good production work though.
  7. I disagree with the idea that you have to leave everything good about your past behind to stay relevant. Other guitar bands such as Suede and Maximo Park have incorporated more electronics into their albums while still keeping plenty of stripped-down rock songs and in the best cases, combining both within the same songs- and their last couple of albums have debuted in the top ten just fine.
  8. Viva La Vida & Prospekt's March was their finest hour IMO, exactly the right balance of a lot of different elements. MX was sort of half-and-half, some classics like Charlie Brown but some duffs like Up In Flames. Then we have Ghost Stories, which I can't stand. What was there in full force on VLV, only there to a much lesser extent on MX and absent from GS? We need Brian Eno back in a major role.
  9. I think it's optimistic tbh... the band have only done something like this once before (Prospekt's March) and that was kind of spur-of-the-moment... if they'd done b-sides or anything for MX I would say it was more likely but as it stands I think they're trying to have the album 'speak for itself'. Though I wish we had b-sides.
  10. Yes! Wish they'd release b-sides for every single too so we could see what other treasures they're sitting on, I feel starved compared to X&Y era...
  11. It might not be too crazy to put O Pt. 2 before O, Glasvegas put a 'Part 2' song before a 'Part 1' song on their second album, a relic of an earlier sequencing I imagine.
  12. Round 1: Always In My Head Round 2: Cemeteries of London Round 3: Magic Round 4: 42 Round 5: Lovers In Japan Round 6: Viva La Vida Round 7: Violet Hill (NO contest) Round 8: Oceans Round 9: Death And All His Friends GS: 3 VLV: 6 Where are Chinese Sleep Chant or LiTii in all of this? Two of my favourite Viva era tracks, would definitely vote for them in their respective rounds...
  13. Should have posted my ranking... VLV or Death And All His Friends/Prospekt's March A Rush Of Blood To The Head Parachutes Ghost Stories / X&Y MX Despite some good songs I rank X&Y quite low as I think it has a similar problem to Ghost Stories musically, even if the emotions in the latter come from an honest place. Felt like they were trying to fit in with trends of the time as opposed to the experimental/rock tightrope they treaded perfectly with AROBTTH or Viva.
  14. Overbearing electronic beats + not enough guitars. Bringing in Avicii and replacing lead guitar with synths wherever possible (with the notable exception of True Love's solo) is less like innovation and more like jumping on the pop bandwagon when all the other "pop" guitar bands are doing the same thing. Also, no b-sides. Why? What do they gain by not releasing more material? Chris hailing One Direction, Bieber and all that lot as impossible to criticise because they're "fun" gets on my pip, too. It's a similar situation to the movie industry, when people go and see big, brainless blockbus
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