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College/Dorm Advice?


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This is random but I’ve been nervous/excited/ anxious about this…


I’m almost done with my second year at a (very small) community college.. And I’ll be transferring to a new university next semester, which is one of the largest universities in the country. I’ve been contemplating on moving into a dorm. However, I need some suggestions/ advice about dorm life. What are some important items I should bring to the dorm when I move in?

Also, I only know a few friends that will be going to the same campus as me. What are some advice on meeting new people at such a massive university?

Thanks for reading. Any suggestions and advice would be very appreciated. :scholar:

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What university, if you don't mind me asking?


And I'd suggest finding a facebook page for your class (something like __________ University Class of ___) and from there posting a few of your likes/dislikes. If someone contacts you about having similar interests, set up a Skype call and talk a bit, and if you like them enough then put them down as a preferred room mate. That way you kind of know who you'll be with. Don't room with anyone you already know; you really should be trying to find new people and you won't if you stick with people you already know. Also, ask the university itself, some larger ones have room mate quizzes that are almost like a dating service. :P Pretty useful!


edit: I don't really know much about what to bring to a dorm. D: Enough clothes, obviously, personal items, and stuff to customize your room so you're more comfortable in it. Having a new person/stranger as a room mate will already widen your circle of people you know, and get involved! Universities have clubs and activities for a reason! :nice:

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