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ColdplayFilm - MX Live DVD


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I was wondering if anyone knew what the font was used on the back of Live 2012?

And i mean the tracklist writing.


I would add a picture but im not to sure how...


Hope you can help me out! :)


Just someone's handwriting I guess.





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hey guys sorry to bump a very old thread. i just pulled out live 2012 on a rainy saturday and it's bringing back great memories. cannot wait for this summer's tour!!


the question i had though, can't seem to find the answer in here.. did the band ever actually address the grainy, poor quality of the film? i am assuming it must have been intentional, but just wondering if it was ever talked about or the intent behind it explained by anyone in or related to the band.


I remember returning the DVD the day after Christmas when I got it, thinking it was defective! haha. Thanks & have a great day :)

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