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UWTB Video?


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From the Oracle...

May 9, 2012 - submitted by Eline, Belgium

Q. I saw photos of Chris kite-flying. Does he always wear the MX-shirt? I thought it only was for concerts. Have a nice day! BTW: setlist is great! Please come to Belgium!

The Oracle replies:

The only time the guys wear stage gear is for on stage, video shoots, photo shoots and interviews. I would put money therefore on those photos being taken at one of the above - but obviously not a live show.


Do you think that the kite-flying is from a possible Up With the Birds video shoot?

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She has clearly said that it's a video shoot, a photo shoot or an interview. Nobody kite-flies on an interview, so the conclusion would be that it's either from a video shoot or a photo shoot.


That's what I'm thinking, and with the kite it seems most likely that it has something to do with Up With the Birds.

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I don't know if we can say that the boys will be wearing their MX outfits only for concerts, interviews, video shoots or photo shoots. They might just as well be kite-flying after or before one of these things - the concert option would be most unlikely since the mentioned pictures were taken on daylight.


By the way, Jonny is not wearing MX outfit as far as I can see (I can be wrong, though): http://twitter.com/#!/coldplay/status/195793416964145152/photo/1


Therefore, there may be some chance this kite-flying thing is not related to any interview, photo ou video shoot.


Also, I don't think these photos are related to UWTB at all. Having said that, I wish it were a 'proper' single with a video and everything because this song is unbelievably good. I know it's not really radio-friendly, but I like the idea anyway.

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