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hi guys, i completely agree with you all i shouldn't sell them but i have no choice, im 16 years old my mum has recently died and im living with my nan i have NO money what so ever, and i need it! i need to pay her at least a small amount of money so she can pay her way as well, what do you guys suggest i do because i could really do with help right now.



just post it on ebay if you really want to sell it
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right the stick are on eBay now and I've been looking into what people have been saying about them not being genuine, the sticks i have are used on the 'electronic drum pads' used during princess of china on the X-stage these sticks haven't been used because as mentioned will wraps his sticks in some form of sports tape, but im not sure wether you guys have been reading up in the competition news that Coldplay run? the recently gave away a signed set of drum sticks in a competition and these drumsticks are exactly the same as mine just mine haven't been used.

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I'll give you a packet of tick tacs and a signed picture of myself for the drumsticks and for the jacket, lets say an old playstation 1 with Crash Bandicoot the game?


Going once, going twice.....


:laugh3: I would defenitely prefer this instead of a few pounds:P Crash Bandicoot is awesome!

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