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New to Coldplaying but not a new fan!


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Hey guys, my name is Curtis. I'm 18 and I'm a student studying Political Science and Communications at the University of Ottawa, I'm a huge Coldplay fan (B-Sides and all) but I've only just thought about joining a forum, I'm pretty slow. I don't have enough friends or followers on Twitter who appreciate Coldplay at the same level so I thought I'd give this a go, so far looks like a really great forum! :cool:


Btw totally unrelated but do you guys know any black guys that love CP? I'm one and I'm not sure if it's like some type of unknown thing just around me, it's like I'm one of the only ones haha!

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Welcome Curtis! :D


Actually I think there's a thread somewhere on here started by black people, for the reason you mentioned, I believe...:thinking:

Anyway, there are some black people who love Coldplay, you're not the only one! :lol:

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