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who is the most "thanked" person in the forum?


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Well, I don't understand this post, Ian added this new feature, this thread was made light-heartedly and all of a sudden there's no point to it? There is no fight here about the existence of the Thanks button, tbh there is no fight at all, but if this was the case, it's not Ian's burden, it's yours/ours/etc. for not using it responsibly. Just stop thanking posts that don't need thanking if it's a problem. Not "welp I guess everyone ruined it, time to take it away"


EDIT: Oops you mean that you personally believe there's no point to it. I'm too lazy to reply to that atm


Uhh... well the thanks system is like giving people "+1" "+1" "+1"s for their good posts, right? The rep system is where you can give people "+1" or "-1"s for being a helpful (or unhelpful) user. It's a more complex version of the thanks system, cos you can give negative feedback too. I found a shitty bodybuilding forum that uses this as an example: http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=145688701

It's very cool imo but I know somehow it would be screwed up and I imagine it would take a lot of unnecessary effort to implement in the forum.


EDIT: The forum used to have it, it was called 'bling'. This was before my time though. I imagine that the fact that it's gone means that there's a reason why it won't be back again.


If I understood correctly what you said, I agree that the feature is neither inherently good nor inherently bad. You can only assess it once people click on it: the button has potentially many functions, it's up to us to use it to show appreciation, agreement, make a jape of it etc.


Thanks for explaining what a reputation system is!

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