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Does anyone live in Suffolk and is up for doing some coldplay covers for fun?


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Hi I was just wondering and I really do mean wondering! is there is anyone who lives in Suffolk (at near Bury st Edmunds) up for doing some coldplay cover stuff :P I can supply a place to practice where I work as a sound man which has a PA and any other equipment you can think off, top quality too! If this was to happen the covers we do will be with multi-track backing (same as coldplay uses) for extra instruments :) I'm ideally looking for a guitarist and drummer, may be a keyboard player but I play bass and sometimes keyboard so we will see. It would be nice to see if there is anyone out there at all who is up for it, still it's just an idea :P

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Hello m8 good idea that, I live in Norfolk but u don't want hear me singing lol


Will be interested to see a YouTube clip of the cover when ur done!!


Good luck, keep us posted, happy coldplaying.

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