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How to paint a guitar?


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Hi all.


i want to paint my strato as jonny's white and red




i have allready met a friend that has an airbrush. is it the correct method to paint a guitar?

How to sand it?


Is it necessary to remove completely the neck? and how to do that without breaking anything?


I'd appreciate your answers.

George :smug:

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A long time ago, I saw Paris (the artist who's painting Coldplay's guitar) on a picture painting one of jonny's thinline. He just covered all the knobs and the pickups with a kind of paper, removed the strings but not the neck and just painted on the gloss. Nevertheless, I can't say what he did for the tuners, it wasn't on the picture, sorry :) (I think he did cover them too)



Hope I helped you.


Violet Titi_62

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About the question in the first post:

To sand it just buy some sand paper (I think that's how it's called in English) and exercise your arms :P

If you want to sand it to the wood, then you will have to apply wood filler (again, I don't know if the name is correct), primer, and then the paint.

If you want, you can sand only a bit, leaving the current paint job as a base, and paint on top of what you have now.


About the neck, it's recommended that you remove it, if you don't want to get some paint on it... But depending on the guitar, the neck may be removable or not... If it is a Fender style (Strat or Tele) you just have to remove the screws at the back of the neck pocket.

Also you should remove the bridge, pickups, jack plate, and everything you don't want to risk to damage...


Good luck ;)



João Norim

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