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Julia's 4000th post!

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OMG!!!!!!! u made it!!! congratz mole!!!!!!!!!!!! i just noticed that!! You're the best! go Julia!!!!! I'll celebrate for you.! :P now ppl post here or i kill ya!!! haha ( ok dont pay me attention ,im sleepy) . anyway .. congratz again mole!!!! :P :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: love ya! *mole hug*

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And like she's not here I wanna use this thread to say that... I've done 5000 posts!!! Yay yaaaaaaaaaay!!

OMG!!!!!!!! congratz noni!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *plays re-offender on bagpipes dedicated to noni* *hails both, julia & noni *



Thanks thanks little Ren!! :D


*tries to dance flamenco but falls on the floor*

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