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Don't let it break you heart drums


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Really awesome!!!

I thought the beginning sounded a bit off to be honest, sorry.


But I loved the rest, sounded absolutely fan-bloody-tastic! :D


Yea I know, I couldn't get the music 100% in sync with the drumming;) There's nothing wronf in being honest:) Thank you very much:D

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cool! allthough next time, turn the studio song wayy down so we can hear what your playing better, or dont include it


Ok thanks, next time I will try turn it down a bit:) It's just that my camera doesn't record the sound that well so I turned the music volume a bit up , it sounded better that way;p It records the snare and hi-hat parts ok, but the toms and bass are very difficult.

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If you want a copy of the live studio version I made of this song to make another cover, let me know :nice:


Thanks I will:) But I'm not planning another DLIBYH cover now for at least a while;p I'll be doing some other songs in the coming weeks I think:) (when I have the time)

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