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Xyloband Help?


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I received two Xylobands from the concert I went to in August (one for me and one for my mom). I'm going to another concert in December now and I want to bring my additional Xylobands along for the fun. Do you think I'll have to change the batteries between now and then? If so, does anyone know exactly how to change the batteries on a Xyloband?


Thanks! :)

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Mine still work from June. Try unfolding a paper clip and sticking it in the small slot on the side above the D where its stamped Coldplay. Wiggle it about it should light for a second or so. Failing that remove the four screws on the back you will find the batteries (button type) and a small circuit board :)

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I light my xyloband up pretty much twice a week, I've had it since May when I saw them and its still as bright as it was on the night.

^like Glen said put a paper clip in the plastic part, but push the paper clip towards the C end of the word Coldplay for better results :awesome:

Hope that helps :)

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