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Mary had a little...monkey!


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hi everyone!!! and thank you so much everyone :) you all made me really happy today!!!! i was so pissed off some minutes ago. this has really made my day!!!! :D


:) thank you!!!


sorry i had to bring this here: tumblr_lpggz2AO2V1qai5rm.gif


am i in love with Tom Chaplin?

:awesome: Tom Chaplin and Tim Rice-Oxley are both awesome, and they're such close friends!

yes he is!!! i had a crush on him once :)


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Oh that's the guy from Keane, right?


Good, he deserves it. Their first couple albums were really good, then they started really really sucking. It makes sense now, though, he must have had several cognitive lapses after, perceivably, that horse kicked in and rearranged his face.


It's like one of those traffic accidents you can't stop staring at even though you really really REALLY want to.

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