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What does Coldplay mean to you?


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How has this band affected your life, why do you love them, what is it about these four guys that makes them so special to you?


I just had a pretty terrible day and the only thing I wanted was to watch Live 2012 so I figured you guys are probably quite similar. For me, there's a song to fit any mood. If you're happy, sad, nostalgic, angry, disappointed, there's a Coldplay song for it. I feel a little less alone knowing they've felt some pretty similar emotions at some point in time and poured it into a piece of art.

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Coldplay have completely affected my entire personality. Before Coldplay I was quite shy and kept myself to myself, now with people I'm known as the one who shares her opinions, the one who will stand up for the truth and what is right, the Coldplayer.

Coldplaydo have a song for every mood. And they get me through each day.

Seeing them live made me the happiest person in the universe!! It was f***ing fantastic, every moment I can recall from Mylo Xyloto opening to ending with Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall! -It was THE best day of my life.


I love all of their songs, each member, roadie, crew, manager, just all things Coldplay.


I actually owe a lot to them for shaping who I am today, helping me through the good times and the bad.

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The music, and, first of all the lyrics, that's what has made them special in my heart, how I got hooked. This will sound a bit ridiculous and awfully cheesy *here, a bucket if you feel like hurling*, but lemme tell you a little story. I watched the Haiti fundraising/ telethon thing on telly 2 years ago. When Coldplay came on, I was like waaat omg I love this band, didn't know they would be here :awesome: (I wasn't really a fan at the time) When I heard A message, I froze. Completely. Somehow, something clicked. It felt like I had been waiting to hear those words for a long time. It felt so good, and it felt like I got some answers, "that's what I'm looking for", "that's why I feel lonely" perhaps etc etc. The same had happened with Fix you not long before that, and the same happened with quite a lot of their songs after that.

So, yeah, that's what they first meant to me: answers. Their music has really accompanied me while trying to find what kind of mess I am.

Now that I really know their whole discography, and know much more about the band members, what they do, who they seem to be, they mean much more. Coldplay mean stepping up and not be afraid of showing what you like, who you are, no matter what is cool.

Finally, they (and their amazing fans :awesome: ) kinda restored my faith in humanity somehow :lol: I used to feel lonely and angry at everyone and their music, and most importantly their attitude made me realise that being nice is actually great (which I honestly had started to doubt), and that I would stay lonely if I didn't change my way of thinking.

So, to sum up, they've helped me to grow up.

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^ This. :nod: They helped me grow up as well.


In 2009 I felt horrible and I was scared because of, yet another, huge surgery. I didn't really saw any reasons and I was so afraid. One of the things that really made me feel comfortable was X&Y. It made me feel good that someone else felt like me.

And I know lots of bands and people because of the band. I have had so many great experiences because of them. When I haven't been sure about something I would say If you never try, you've never know , and then I did it.

They mean a lot for me because I can thank them for so much.

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It makes me smile to see so many of you saying that Coldplay helped you grow up, because in my case they're helping me stay young. I'm an older fan who has always been into music. For so many years I had four artists/bands that always held my interest while others came and went: The Beatles, The Moody Blues, Springsteen, and U2. In 2005-2006 I was assigned to work in the UK for the year. Of course X&Y was out and Coldplay music was all over the radio. Over there you either loved them or you hated them and I was intrigued by the debate in the newspapers. Somebody told me "See them live and they will blow you away." I returned to the US and finally had a chance to see them live in Toronto on July 30, 2009 - and they did blow me away. Now I had a fifth band to add to my "eternal" list.


As others have said, it only added to my admiration when I started learning more about the band members as people. No, they're not perfect and yes, they have their quirks and their faults, but in my opinion they are four (five) upstanding young men who have made a difference to the world not only through their music but through their social conscience. Whose heart isn't touched by seeing photos of Chris visiting children in hospitals? Who didn't melt when watching them at the Paralympics closing ceremony?


Add to that the fact that they truly care about their fans (getting a chance to meet Chris, standing with him leaning against me while he casually chitchatted with other fans, showed this to me) and they seem to want to create the best music possible - well, I could go on and on. They mean so much to me and I cannot wait to see what they do next. Viva Coldplay.

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I don't have a meaningful story like others in this thread... all I have to say is that Coldplay has pretty much represented the last 10 years of my life. Everything I've been through between the age of 15-25, I've had Coldplay blaring through my headphones.

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