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Hello fellow Coldplayers!


Been a member quite a time now, but haven't really used the site up until now, so thought I'd better introduce my self.


As my username says, I'm from Denmark, 21 years old and a long time Coldplayer. Started listening in 2007 and then more and more. Cannot choose favorite album, just can't. I love both the old and the new.


I've been so lucky to see Coldplay perform three times - last was this august in Copenhagen, front row after been in line for 8 hours! Best night ever..!


Went to the cinema alone on 13rd of november, just had to see the concert in the cinema, but couldn't find anyone to bring alone, so just went alone. And guys, just so you know, it really isn't that scary going to the movies alone :)


See you around, all the best,



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