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Coldplay Discography (Sale Info)


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Good morning fans!

I'm considering selling my discography but i just want to know how much i can get and of course if it's worth.


Everything it's in near/mint excellent condition and everything is exactly what is listed on their official site with the same tracks.


I will not post the list of the albums (Parachutes,X&Y,DVDs etc) because they're not valued of course. So all Eps and Singles/Promo.




- Brothers and Sisters

- Blue Room EP (digipack)

- Shiver (digipack)

- Yellow

- Trouble (digipack)

- In my Place (digipack)

- The Scientist (digipack)

- Clocks (digipack)

- God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

- Speed Of Sound (digipack)

- Fix You (digipack)

- Talk

- Violet Hill

- Viva La Vida (red)

- Lost (blue)

- Prospekt's March

- Life In Technicolor II

- LeftRightLeftRightLeft

- Strawberry Swing

- Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall

- Paradise

- Charlie Brown

- Princess Of China

- Hurts Like Heaven

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