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Diana's death re examined

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Police studying new Princess Diana information:


British police said on Saturday they were assessing new information about the deaths of Princess Diana and her friend Dodi al Fayed in a Paris road crash in 1997.


London's Metropolitan Police did not elaborate on the information, or its source, but Britain's Sky news television station said it had come from the parents-in-law of a former soldier and had been passed on by the Royal Military Police.


Sky said it understood the new information included an allegation that the deaths of Diana, Dodi and their driver were caused by a member of the British military.


A royal spokeswoman said there would be no comment.


The Metropolitan Police said in a statement that it was assessing the "relevance and credibility" of information into the deaths that it had recently received.


"This is not a re-investigation and does not come under Operation Paget," it said, referring to an investigation by a former head of the Metropolitan police, John Stevens.


Diana and Dodi and their chauffeur were killed when their car crashed in a road tunnel while pursued by photographers after the couple left the Ritz hotel in Paris on August 31, 1997.


The untimely death of Diana, who divorced heir-to-the-throne Prince Charles in 1996, sparked an outpouring of public grief that culminated in huge crowds lining the streets of London for her funeral.


Dodi's father, Mohammed al Fayed, the former owner of Harrods department store, alleged that the couple had been killed on the orders of the British establishment.


Stevens concluded there was no evidence of murder and said that driver Paul had been drunk and going too fast. A 2008 inquest in London returned a verdict of unlawful killing and said Paul and the photographers were to blame for the deaths.


Investigators in France have also dismissed allegations of murder and in 2008 Mohammed al Fayed announced he was abandoning his 10-year campaign to prove the couple were killed, for the sake of Diana's sons William and Harry.


He said he had reservations about the outcome of the inquest but had had enough: "I am leaving the rest for God to get my revenge."



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Can't they let sleeping dogs lie?


I'm sure all William & Harry want is another lot of reports/requests for interviews bringing up a tragic event for them.



Besides it was Prince Philip in a White Fiat forcing them off the road into the pillar ;)


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Can't they let sleeping dogs lie?


I'm no Diana fan or anything but wow, how horribly put.


Also the logic is fucked, so someone goes to the police with what could be further evidence in relation to a possible murder, and you want the police to go "No thanks, hehe it was kinda a long time ago"? How long is the cutoff point, like what, 5 years, and then it no longer matters.


If they were murdered, then whoever conspired to organise it should not be simply free to go and do it again, I mean christ think it through.


Besides it was Prince Philip in a White Fiat forcing them off the road into the pillar ;)


How do you come up with these bizarre crackpot jokes.

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If it was an ordered hit by the higher ups, do you really think one of them will ever be held responsible? I can't really imagine seeing Prince Philip or the head of MI5 being thrown in prison.


The new 'evidence' will be something stupid like a former solider was ordered to stand down in the weeks before and forget that some mysterious figure arrived at an army base in secret (which happens when senior MOD people visit and not wanting to leave a trail that they visited)


It was a tragic accident, the driver was trying to get away from the media, drove too fast into a tunnel, lost control (due to drink) and crashed killing everybody who didn't wear a seat-belt. She wasn't killed by the higher-ups, she was killed by the media.

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