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[EMERGENCY] Billie Jean Coldplay Cover Tab


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Guys, I seriously need your help.


I am to perform next week and someone has requested Coldplay's cover of Billie Jean.


I have scoured the net looking for Will's rhythm guitar part looking for some help, but to no avail have I found anything.


I am calling upon my friends here on Coldplaying to see if you guys can help me out.


I would sincerely appreciate it.

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i have a vauge memory of him doing a short cover of billie jean on howard stern. i'd check that out. it was on piano. probably not what you're talking about. guess they did that live? it's likely the bass line you need to work out.


Check this out like five minutes in.


Damn. wrong video. it's here somewhere.



[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VCdnmM8fsA&list=PLE3E79B3D7365FADA]chris martin 11 9 11 p3 - YouTube[/ame]

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This is not exactly what Will does, but it DOES sound good and if you have someone playing the bassline, you are set. [in fact, this is exactly how I play it] Let me know if there are questions..I threw it together in 5 minutes just now.


Billie Jean – Michael Jackson (Coldplay version)

[Gm – Am/G – Bb/G – Am/G] x2
[Cm – Cm – Cm - Cm]
[Gm – Am/G – Bb/G – Am/G]

Before the second chorus, you do the [Cm] and following [Gm] line an extra time. 

Each chord is:
Gm – xxx333
Am/G – xxx555
Bb/G – xxx766
Cm – x35543

[Eb – Gm – Eb – Gm]
[Eb – Gm – Eb – Dsus4 (half length)- D (half length)]

Eb – x6888x
Gm – 355333
Dsus4 – xx233, D – xx232

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