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Cool Gift Ideas

Prince Myshkin

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OK, so I'm looking for things to buy people for Christmas. None of you guys, you get your goods from the 'Prince Myshkin Buys Your Love' thread. I figured we could have a thread to be filled with inspiration for more unusual or interesting gift ideas, given I'm bored of buying the same crap every year. Not that books are crap. But yeah.


So if you know of any sites that specialise in such things (and aren't too novelty, in the sense that they will be used more than five times) then here's the place to post them.

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I heard about this on Carrie Fletcher's youtube channel!:

You can pick your favourite book, or the person you're buying for's favourite book, and make it personal by replacing names.

For example, i could choose Alice in Wonderland

Alice would become Molly

Cheshire Cat would become georgina , for example.

Etc etc



I think it's personal and well thought out. Some are more expensive than others but some are just £16.99 which is quite good as it's very personal and if they're a keen reader then I'm quite sure it would be very appreciated.


Here's one website but there are lots of different ones if you look : )



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this[/url] is one of the coolest things I've seen recently. You'd still be able to listed to your playlists during the zombie apocalypse!


Cool stuff. But won't the orange part get really hot/melt when the fire is burning (it looks like it made of plastic) and won't it get dirty when you have to store it inside the stove afterwards?

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