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ideas for a tuning for Magic?


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I've played around a little with this today. Think the song is is Amajor. So assuming Chris Martin is doing his go to which it kind if sounds like, and letting some strings in that key ring open, guess it could be standard, or possibly a string or two tuned to F#, C#, D, or A. Bet a lot or tunings would sound good I suppose. Think it's a good song personally. You guys like it?

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Forget that tuning I posted. Not exactly good detective work there. I think it's nice in standard tuning. You can play the D chord as a barre chord on the tenth fret and either let the 1st and 2nd string go open or fret either or both at the tenth fret or the 1st string at the 9th to make a maj7 chord. Same thing for the E chord two frets up. Here's how it sounded for me. (It's all pitched a half step down but it doesn't affect anything).



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