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Magic - your review


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I am compiling an ultimate Coldplaying fan review of Ghost Stories.


It will be posted on the main site shortly after the best review for each song on the album is picked, your name will be listed in credit should your review be chosen! Closing date is Monday 26th May


Get your writing fingers ready! Good luck! :)


You can also vote in the poll too, out of 10 which will be interesting as its usually only when a pre-album single is released.

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At first I was surprised..


a Coldplay song that starts with base? and then wow its so simple and xx like

then I thought it was a let down...... it felt meaningless and bland.


But after playing it in repeat for about 10 times.

I began to realize how beautiful and raw this song is


Chris's vocals and emotion in the song.... his search for long lost love

love made him blind , confused and kinda at loss of words.


the peak of the song is chris's falsetoo " I wanna fall .. fall so hardddd"

and " I dont know , I dont know , and I dont.."

has a great sense of doubt and a sense of lost in love



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As in Paradise, this song is Guy claiming all the attention. It starts with an upbeat bass line and Will's electronic drums setting the tone. Then Chris sets in, singing again heartbreaking lyrics that with the music feel like kind of happy, though. The chorus uses kind a R&B trick which certainly provides that vibe to the song. However, the climax of this song comes when Chris starts playing acoustic guitar, after one of Jonny's signature riffs. The end of the song is absolutely captivating, and like in Always in My Head, Chris ends with meaningful lyrics while Will's drum evoke a heartbeat. It's a delightful song to hear. 8/10.

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Magic finds Coldplay exploring a new brand of pop music that seems to be gaining popularity. The constant bass line sets this minimalist approach, and it is wonderfully complemented with varying, expert drumbeats, electric guitar and piano reverb, and icy electronic flares. Martins lyrics play with the basic premise of Magic being a duality of love and heartbreak, and it is surprising effective as he delivers some of his most pop-oriented vocals to date. There are lots of fine details that keep this song interesting from start to finish, and it becomes most recognizable Coldplay, for better or worse, during a jovial acoustic guitar riff that breaks the mood for a bit of fun Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall type vibe. Ultimately, this single is a fitting and exemplary track for Ghost Stories.



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Magic is one the strongest examples of how much Coldplay have changed their sound. Everyone knows Madness by Muse and it’s easy to see the similarities Magic shares with it. Consider it its sister.


Instantly, listeners will hear the sounds of a heavy electronic drum beat, a very steady bass line, but no Jonny or Chris. They eventually come in but with more gusto than the previous track. The funny thing is that Jonny starts off on the piano as Chris goes solo with his vocals. Still, the quartet deliver an instrumentation thats sound as optimistic as any One Direction song. This comes mainly from Jonny’s occasional piano.


Again, the lyrics are all about separation, with Martin going on about how the time spent with his loved one is simply magic. Yet the chorus, which is made up mostly of the repeated line “I don’t”, lacks a bit of polish. It is at this point that the song begins to sound a bit too repetitive and mind numbing. However, the band have a trick up their sleeve (no pun intended). After the repeat of the chorus, the band bring out of the best sounding verses on the album. As Martin sings about how far he wants to fall, Jonny comes in with some of his trademark guitar work and you feel the song growing a new lease of life. This then leads to an all-out jam and as a result, the most pleasurable part of the song. The song ends with Martin stating that he still believes in magic before the song quietly fades off into the distance.


Whilst Magic may not be the best song on the album, it is a good choice for the lead single. As for being part of a live set, it sounds as though it would fit best as a crowd sing along after some of the more energetic songs.


RATING - 3.5/5

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Brilliant melody, lyrically estute, however when compared with the rest of the album it feels a bit "meh". I don't know why this is, maybe it's because I listened to it a billion times before the album came out so it feels odd in the context of the album but for me it lacks what the rest of the album has. Still a good song, just not brilliant.



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It's not bad lead single. Lyrics in the end Still believe in magic / yes I do / Of course I do sounds very sincerely. It's nice and cute song, but after some listens it gets boring. That's it.

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The first time I heard Magic I was a bit underwhelmed. The second time a listened, I realized how much I hated the lyrics. I was quite disappointed, especially after seeing how fresh and risky and exciting the new direction they seemed to be taking LP6 with Midnight.


But the more I listened, the more I grew to love the simplicity of the track. Guy's bass coupled with Will's drum beat is simply one of the most powerful pieces of music Coldplay have ever made, mostly in its circular an hypnotic nature. You can't resist yourself from nodding your head up and down or tapping your foot. It's not a loud, bombastic throb that makes you want to jump up in down, but its effect is just as powerful, if not more so. With Magic, Coldplay really continue the theme of understatement.


I could listen to that bass line on loop for hours...

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Amidst the battle that was defending this song, I soon came to play this considerably more than I ever did for Midnight -- which I still love over Magic. While I do thing it's a nice and peaceful song, the lyrics are pretty bad, but I think once you listen to it enough you tune them out and enjoy it for the music over what Chris is saying. That said, the last minute and a half are very lovely and I've been guilty of skipping ahead just to hear the song fade out.


Live, I have a love-hate relationship with it. Up until about two concerts ago, I would get immensely bored with it, but it seems like they're finally feeling a bit more confident in the live performance of Magic -- and it shows. The performance yesterday at Big Weekend was by far the best performance yet, and if they keep it up, it might become a live-favorite of mine.


Unfortunately, the song falls short compared to most everything else on the album, but I think the band is well aware of that. I still think it will ultimately be a bigger hit than A Sky Full of Stars, which honestly, I'm fine with.



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