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How is this played live?


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Will's used the Reactable in every performance. When you make changes to it (by moving the blocks) it adds or subtracts entire samples rather than individual notes I think. For example, in the special, he drops a block right when Jonny's keyboard part starts, so I think Will is responsible for the various textural noises throughout the song including the pulsating harmonic/xylophone sound at the beginning and the higher keyboard part in the 2nd piano-interlude (before Chris starts doing the oooooooooooooooooooooohhh part).


Also, Will plays an electronic drum for the loud part of the song.

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But the fast keyboard at the end,does Will play it?


I'm not 100% on this but I think it's a sample initiated by Will or Jonny. Chris plays a laser harp to make it look like he's playing the fast flute riff, but I'm not convinced that he's actually playing it note for note compared to triggering it or even just miming it.

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Come on, guys, it is a musical instrument just like any other. You gotta have a certain skill - granted, what they are playing is not that complicated - it is just like an MPC.


I mean you cannot just say that he is standing there doing nothing - it is simply not true.

I would say that playing all those 'novelty' instruments is even harder, cause there is simply no physical feedback. You pull a string on a guitar - you feel it, there's tactile perception. You move around in the air in front of the reactable and you are basically relying on your vision only. This is not easy...

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