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  1. Ok. I know that Miracles is not a part of AHFOD because it ws only a bonus track. But I do felt like Miracles ws absolute perfectly fitted in AHFOD! It makes me wanna listen to AHFOD all over again. Nd everytime I listen to Miracles, I felt that my life needed to continue, even though hardship will hit me like a bus. One of the best Coldplay songs out there!
  2. ulwanmokhtar


    Why did they toned or making Jonny's guitar not that clear? This was bothering because the live version was absolute superb and could have been the best Coldplay songs ever! I hope they remastered it back and bring Jonny's guitar upfront, especially if they wanted Everglow to be released as a single.
  3. I always loved Coldplay 2nd track straight head but it turns out hard for me with Birds. I don't know why. But after listening to it like many many times, I've got used to it. Still, not as strong as Coldplay's previous 2nd track.
  4. Wow. I'm surprised of people saying that this song is the worst Coldplay song. For me, it's not. I goddamn love it ! Being listening to it like gazillion times and I love Chris's voice and Will's superb on this track!
  5. I just hoped that the alternate version will be released on the live album, kinda hoped for them to add more scenes or edited more to make it more beautiful and sturdy because for me this is what I'd pictured ASFOS since it was first released.
  6. Wasn't expected this all along.. I thought that this song was about lovers.
  7. I do think the TV part is the true actual MV. Why did they didn't take that version? I think it is what ASFOS is about, dancing through stars, 360' focusing on them boys.
  8. Comepletely agreed! I saw that too!! I think even the Target promotion was even better than the official MV.
  9. My current top 3: 1. Another's Arms 2. Oceans 3. A Sky Full of Stars
  10. Another's Arms, Oceans and A Sky Full of Stars did grow into me day by day. I do think these tracks are the real highlights but it needed more in depth hearing and time consuming to fully understand these tracks.
  11. Nahh, MX is one of the best albums they ever made, the concept was just superb, lyric wise but didn't have enough chemistry between songs. It starts off really good with Mylo Xyloto/Hurts Like Heaven until Major Minus. After those tracks, it doesn't sounded really good enough, just a mixed unnecessary tracks but I adore Don't Let It Break Your Heart and Up With The Birds. Mylo Xyloto was my 3rd best album of Coldplay btw.
  12. Reactable plays pre-recorded music. He didn't stand there doing nothing.
  13. Viva La Vida, Clocks, Paradise. Bring back In My Place please..
  14. Because all songs were connected. That is why this album is beautiful! Just like a beautiful and not-so-long roller coaster ride full of stars I think >.<
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