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New : Coldplaying contributor - win prizes + member of the month returns!


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June has arrived and it brings a new forum in the form of the Coldplaying contributor!


Its basically a chance for you and everyone to be able to submit anything (well, almost anything!) Coldplay related to be on the Coldplaying main site, Youtube, Facebook or Twitter. A stroll down memory lane, something very funny like a meme or a video blog, its up to you, be creative as you like!


Its a big part of the making Coldplaying even more awesome and to add more content on top of what we already have and the articles I write. There have been so many great and talented Coldplayers so far like those who provide the graphics for the social channels, banners for the forums, Youtube videos etc.. and we want to get even more Coldplayers involved with a recurring competition and prizes!


Its a recurring competition with prizes : There is a Coldplaying contributor league table for every month starting from now. *All the info you need to know for the score system and prizes is in this thread*


One of the prizes for the 1st place Coldplayer each month is Member of the Month Your name could be featured in banana yellow! Its amazing (unless your on the old light forum skin!)


A bonus prize : If you contribute to 3 or more articles a month, you will feature as a Site Editor, for showing off your editorial skills!


Check the league table for full prizes and point system and best of luck! :)

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is this where i get to shout out





Your name could be featured in banana yellow! Its amazing





and here I thought the first prize would involve getting a date with Jonny or something :sad:


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